Stag / Bachelor Party


Ruby Stag / Bachelor Party / Boys’ Night Out

We pride ourselves on employing natural beauties, whose allure and charm run more than skin deep.

Ruby Girls are not only gorgeous, they are genuine, personable, and best of all, uninhibited!

We take your enjoyment very seriously, which is why we have so many referrals and repeat customers.

Simply put, Stags are our specialty, with a wide range of fun options to choose from:

  • Daring Duos

  • Wild n’ Wet T-Shirt contests

  • Titillating Topless Waitresses

You can’t go wrong!

Beware the Bachelor Party nightmare…

You take all the care and precautions to ensure an epic and memorable night is set: You pay top dollar for strippers to entertain the party, but get the dreaded “bait-and-switch”.

Or maybe they are as hot as you’ve been led to believe but they spend all their time in the bathroom, staying for minimal time, and eager to leave.

Or there is a male bouncer breathing down your neck, cramping your style the whole time.

Some services offer strippers and staff that end up being fake, rude and more concerned with hustling your party rather than genuinely enjoying your company.